News & Resources Improving Cooperation Between the Courts and Public Prosecution in the West Bank

Improving Cooperation Between the Courts and Public Prosecution in the West Bank

November 2016

Tetra Tech’s INL-funded Justice Sector Assistance Project IV has supported workshops at district and national level to promote effective collaboration between these two critical justice sector actors


Improving cooperation among the courts, public prosecution, and other justice sector stakeholders has been a long-standing priority of the Tetra Tech’s Justice Sector Assistance Project (JSAP) IV, funded by the US State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. The project has facilitated regular meetings among district-level chief prosecutors, chief judges, and their staffs to improve investigative teamwork and case processing.

On August 1-2, 2016, JSAP helped elevate this cooperation to the national level by hosting a workshop to address key challenges to cooperation between the public prosecution and the judiciary. Organized in coordination with the High Judicial Council (HJC) and the attorney general's office, the workshop was led by Jordanian judge and JSAP expert Mustafa Al-Assaf. Participants included the Attorney General and HJC Secretary General as well as chief judges and prosecutors from all of the West Bank governorates.

Speaking at the workshop, Attorney General Ahmed Barrak underlined the importance of strengthening cooperation to improve delivery of justice and the rule of law for Palestinian citizens. Over the course of the workshop, judges and prosecutors addressed many procedural, legal, and administrative issues that affect the adjudication of criminal cases. During the workshop, the prosecutors and judges developed concrete recommendations, including the formalization of regular coordination meetings between district-level chief judges and chief prosecutors and other specific actions to improve the flow of information and speed case processing between the two institutions. In the words of Judge Assaf, “[The] workshop was effective in addressing and finding solutions to some of the most prominent challenges encountered … between the judiciary and prosecutors.”