News & Resources Jordan Leadership Program Builds Capacity of Government Officials

Jordan Leadership Program Builds Capacity of Government Officials

December 2016

Tetra Tech’s USAID Rule of Law Project builds capacities of future public sector leaders


Building on our presence in Jordan since 2004, Tetra Tech’s current USAID-funded Rule of Law Program (ROLP) is working to strengthen democratic accountability and effective rule of law through improved institutions, systems, and processes and increased civic and private sector participation in oversight activities. ROLP has been supporting the Ministry of Public Sector Development’s Government Leadership Program, which aims to build capacity of potential leaders in a variety of areas including strategic planning, project management, human resources, economics and finance, communication, negotiation, change management, and ethics.

In May 2016, ROLP and the Ministry jointly conducted a two-week training for 40 future government leaders serving in the country’s southern region. In addition to attending sessions on strategic planning, priority setting, and budgeting, the participants also learned how to engage effectively with civil society to improve service delivery. At the conclusion of the training program in Aqaba, the Minister of Public Sector Development, Dr. Khalif Alkhawaldeh, stressed the importance of equipping public sector middle managers to serve in leadership positions and generally be more accountable to the public at large.